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Cease and Desist Letter To Creditors

Once I sent a cease and desist letters to creditors that I don’t owe they can no longer respond and if they do what are my options?

Answer: Depending on the content of the letter they are required to stop contacting you. However, this does not eliminate the debt that you owe them.

Telling creditors to cease contact with you may speed up the creditors willingness to file a lawsuit against you.

You have a number of options for remedying your debt once you have notified them that they are not to contact you.

Depending upon your financial situation and the amount you owe to creditors, you may try to settle your debts, attempt to wait until the statute of limitations has expired on collecting the debt, or file for bankruptcy to discharge the debt that you owe.

You may want to discuss options regarding your financial situation with an experienced attorney.

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