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Alternatives to Bankruptcy in Tucson

Alternatives to Bankruptcy in Tucson

Debt Relief Options in Tucson, Arizona

Although filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy can be a very helpful solution for many people in Tucson and surrounding communities, bankruptcy is not necessarily the best option for everyone in need of debt relief.  Each individual’s financial situation and goals can differ greatly and involve a vast array of complexities.  To get a better idea of what form of debt relief may be the best for you, contact a Tucson bankruptcy lawyer and discuss the many alternatives to bankruptcy that are available to you and individuals, families, and businesses throughout Pima County Arizona.

If you are seeking debt relief in Tucson, AZ, the only thing that you can be certain about regarding your financial situation is that it needs improvement.  There are many forms of debt relief available to you.  Our Tucson debt relief experts can help you to understand the bankruptcy alternatives available to you and the advantages and disadvantage of each.  We will also determine which alternative to bankruptcy may best benefit you in your particular circumstances.  It is vital you thoroughly investigate your options before taking a particular course of action, as failure to do so can leave you in a worse financial dilemma.  It can even jeopardize your ability to file for bankruptcy (if you later decide this is the best approach).  We can help you explore the many debt relief options and alternatives to bankruptcy.

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

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Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Alternatives to bankruptcy include out-of-court settlements with creditors, debt consolidation loans and debt counseling services.  An out-of-court settlement may allow you to settle your unsecured debt for a percentage of the total owed.  Being represented by a professional from My Arizona Lawyers, PLLC in this process can help you avoid disastrous mistakes during the negotiation process and allow you to obtain a more favorable overall result.

Another debt relief option is debt counseling.  Debt counseling may help you to consolidate your monthly payments and achieve a reduction on the interest or payment of your unsecured debt.  Thus, debt consolidation is a helpful debt relief tool and may help you to pay down your credit card debt over time.  Debt consolidation requires that you have equity in your home and, of course, you must be able to afford the new repayment amount.  If the latter is not the case, your home may be jeopardized.  There are many useful debt relief options available to you and others in debt relief need throughout Pima county and Arizona.

Bankruptcy Lawyers and Debt Relief in Tucson

Tucson Debt Relief Experts

Yes, we label ourselves as bankruptcy attorneys but our main goal is to find the right form of debt relief for your particular financial situation.  Our Bankruptcy Lawyers from the Tucson based My Arizona Lawyers, PLLC can help you to analyze how each of your options would benefit you and to weigh up all the factors involved.  Some of these actions may affect your credit rating but as they are usually taken only after your credit rating has been damaged or is at great risk, the long-term gain is likely to outweigh any short-term disadvantage.

Contact our Tucson bankruptcy law office to discuss alternatives to bankruptcy. We have some of the lowest legal rates in all of Arizona, offer FREE debt evaluations (either in person or by phone).  Call (520) 306-8729 for more information on alternatives to bankruptcy and to discuss your current financial situation.


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