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Stop Wage Garnishment

Tucson Wage Garnishment Attorney

Wage Garnishments in Tucson, Arizona

Wage garnishments can be sought against you by the creditor when an individual has unpaid debts such as:

  • medical bills
  • credit card bills
  • personal loans
  • lawsuit judgments

A wage garnishment is an order that has been requested through legal means and served upon your employer or bank to garnish your wages.  Also, a wage garnishment order from the court must be obeyed by your employer or bank.  Failure to comply with the court order will land them in additional trouble.

Additionally, a wage garnishment can result in devastating effect to your finances.  You’re probably already in a situation where you don’t have enough income to keep up on all of your bills.  Imagine trying to satisfy all your bills after 25% of your wages have been taken because of a court-ordered wage garnishment.  If you are already living day to day and have been unable to keep up with your payments, having a set amount deducted from your paycheck or taken from your checking account can leave you with many other personal situations to handle, such as bounced checks, problems at work and even not enough money to live on.  If you have been affected by a wage garnishment order, contact a Tucson bankruptcy lawyer immediately to see how our Tucson bankruptcy law office can handle the situation for you.

Wage Garnishment Lawyers in Tucson, Arizona

Bankruptcy and Wage Garnishment, WE CAN STOP YOUR GARNISHMENT TODAY!!!

A wage garnishment lawyer in Tucson, Arizona should be contacted right away if you are looking at potential wage garnishment.  Or if money is already being taken from your paycheck to pay a creditor.  Wage garnishment can make it impossible to pay even essential living expenses.  If this is your case, it is imperative that you have an experienced Tucson bankruptcy lawyer by your side.  A Tucson bankruptcy lawyers that will assist in making sure your rights are being safeguarded.  Our Tucson bankruptcy law office will fight assist you to minimize the affects of wage garnishment in Tucson, Arizona.

Tucson Debt Relief Experts Can Help

It is truly frustrating  when you are working so hard to make ends meet, and a wage garnishment comes along and takes a lot of your much needed income.  In many instances, creditors who receive judgment against you can have your wages garnished.  This means your full paycheck will not even reach your bank account, but instead part of it will go straight to the creditors.  Take action today and visit with one of our Tucson debt relief experts, find out how we can help you with your wage garnishment problems.

If you are currently losing a portion of your check to a creditor who has a wage garnishment against you, then you can understand how negatively this can impact your life.  Most individuals, families, and businesses in Tucson need a full paycheck to live and to pay for the day-to-day expenses such as food, fuel, clothing, utilities, etc.  A reduced paycheck (because of a wage garnishment) can cause you to struggle financially. Furthermore, a wage garnishment means that your family may suffer.  After all, if there is no money for groceries this week, it is not only you who won’t be eating; it is also your children.

Contact our Tucson wage garnishment lawyers at My Arizona Lawyers, PLLC.  We offer FREE evening and weekend appointments along with our daily FREE bankruptcy consultations.  We stop wage garnishments in Tucson, Pima County and surrounding communities. 

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