Bankruptcy by Phone

Affordable Bankruptcy Lawyers for Tucson Debt Relief

“Bankruptcy by Phone” Offered by Our Tucson Bankruptcy Lawyers

The bankruptcy lawyers at the My AZ Lawyers are proud to offer our clients a unique “Bankruptcy by Phone” program in which you can complete all or the majority of your bankruptcy from the comfort of your home or office.  With today’s technological advancements, we can complete your entire Bankruptcy process by phone if you choose to do so!

Clients who take advantage of our program only have to attend their Bankruptcy hearing and never have to step foot in our office if they don’t wish to.  For clients who prefer an in-person approach, we are able to accommodate them as well at one of our area bankruptcy offices.

Don’t Get Caught Up in Debt

Tucson $0 Down Bankruptcy

Many clients contact our Tucson law firm when they are caught up with too much debt.  If you find yourself in a brutal cycle of facing overwhelming debt.  Contact our Tucson firm.

Many people in Tucson and Pima County are struggling to make monthly payments, and finding themselves going even further in debt.  Overwhelming debt is definitely a concern.  This continuous cycle can make a person feel hopeless.  Our Tucson Debt Relief lawyers can assist.

Our Tucson bankruptcy lawyers can fix your debt struggles.  We can discuss your options to erase debt.  Also, we can make the creditor phone calls go away.  We can help you stop a wage garnishment, lawsuit against you, or a foreclosure. 

Our Tucson debt relief attorneys can help out of control debt that has taken over your life.  We understand that debt does affect every aspect of your life.  Your family, personal, and professional life.  Get a free consultation today.

If you are considering declaring bankruptcy with our firm and do not have the means to pay for a retainer, schedule a free consultation and discuss the $0 down bankruptcy program.  The only money you need to come up with up-front to file a bankruptcy is the court filing fee.  Call now for details.