Tucson Bankruptcy Question

Q: Tucson Bankruptcy Question

About 2 years ago I had filed bankruptcy personally as well as business. The problem is the the lawyer who handeled my case did not list the business name in the filling. I now have someone chasing me after the business name. According the lawyer I will have to file bankruptcy all over again for the business name. Of coarse this will cost me $1,500 so can you tell me if I am being mislead?

A: There are many faucets to this case. A thorough review of all of the facts would probably be recommended.

Many bankruptcy law firms offer a free consultation and debt evaluation. Take advantage of one of these offers and bring in your documents and information. I would seek a 2nd opinion and see if you are being mislead.

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Answered by Parker Evan Bornmann, Tucson Bankruptcy Lawyer.
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