Wage Garnishment

Wage Garnishment

Q: I have benn summons to a garnishment of wages in the state of Arizona. Also it shows that I have a middle name which I do not will that make a difference? Now what are my options or steps (as I can’t afford the 25% garnishments) to stop the garnishment as I recieved the summons from my employer.

A: You may be able to work out a payment plan with the creditor, but the odds of them accepting a payment plan after judgment and submission of a writ of garnishment is slim. You may be able to reduce the 25% if that amount would cause a hardship. Fill out the form your employer should be giving you and request a hearing to reduce the 25%.

You may want to consider bankruptcy as a possible option because once a bankruptcy is filed the garnishment will be stopped. If you have other debts like credit card, medical bill, or deficiencies from repossessions, you may want to consult a Tuscon bankruptcy attorney to evaluate a possible bankruptcy.

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Answered by Parker Evan Bornmann, Tucson AZ Bankruptcy Attorney.
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